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SD Card Driver & SDIO Card Driver

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Featuring the SD Card Driver

  • Support SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) : more than 4GB up to 32GB
    SDXC(eXtendedCapacity) : more than 32GB up to 2TB
  • CPU/OS independent
  • C source code
  • FAT32/exFAT formatter
  • Support UHS
  • Compliant with SDA specification Ver.3.0
  • Support SD controllers (SDA standard/Originals)
  • I/F with FAT file system (RTFilesEX) and exFAT file system (exFiles) included

Featuring the SDIO Card Driver

  • Provides source code for the SDIO Bluetooth (TYPE-A)
  • Initialization of the SD/SDIO card and class determination routine
  • Provides I/F for each type of middleware

SD/SDIO controllers supported

  • Shikino High-Tech : SSQ-3000 (UHS mode support)
  • RICOH : R5C807
  • Panasonic : MN5772,5773,5774
  • TI : DM270 (SD controller is included.)
  • Freescale : i.MX1&21&31 (SD controller is included.)
  • RENESAS : SH (SD controller is included.)

Achievement by AIC's Driver

  • #1 share of the Japanese market (Cell phones, Digital Cameras, Complex Fax machines, etc.)
  • Fully implemented in relation to the SD Card Association

Product Lineup

  • Product Lineup
    • SD Memory card driver
    • SDIO Card Driver (Include SDIO Bluetooth card(TYPE-A) driver)
  • Future Development Plan
    • SDIO PHS card driver
    • SDIO Bluetooth card (TYPE-B) driver
    • SDIO Wireless LAN card driver

Block Diagram

Technical Consultation

Technical consultation is also available. We supply the highest quality technical support, not only for Drivers but also for FileSystem, and more kinds of software.

Other products

  • exFAT file system "exFiles"
  • FAT File System "RTFilesEX"
  • IPv4/v6 TCP/IP Protocol "RTNET Dual"
  • Bluetooth Protocol "iAnywhere Blue SDK"
  • Etc...


  • What is embedded software?
    Our software is for those who are going to develop embedded systems with the SD Memory Card. It is provided in the form of "C" language source code that is designed to be ported to any kind of embedded system hardware platform easily by the customers themselves.
  • What is the SD Card Driver?
    The SD Memory Card is a highly-sophisticated memory device about the size of a postage stamp.
  • What is the benefit of using our Driver?
    Since developing driver software is a time consuming job, time-to-market can be considerably shortened by using our products. They are carefully developed specifically for embedded systems, well tested, and you can trust them to complete your project fast and efficiently. Development cost is also much less than developing driver software yourself from scratch.

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