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A.I. Corporation (AIC) is a software solutions vendor for the embedded system design and development, representing over 15 software makers to providing nearly 100 embedded software products and solutions to the customers in Japan.

While the embedded systems are rapidly growing in the complexity and size, requiring shorter time to market and higher quality, employing emerging new technologies in a timely fashion, the mission of AIC is to provide flexible and wide range of solutions to the today's embedded software design requirements.

They include supplying a piece of software component to the system, total OS solutions integrated with selected middleware components, development tools and packaged environments, and offering technical support, porting, and other engineering services to the customers who employ our products.

AIC's solutions and products cover broad range of industries such as consumer electronics devices, automotive and telematix, digital office equipments, communication and network equipments, and industrial control and factory automation, and many other industries where embedded microprocessor based systems are running.

Established 1985
President Hiroyuki Kato

Iijima Bldg, 2-25-2, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0031, Japan

TEL TEL: 81-3-3493-7981FAX FAX: 81-3-3493-7993
Branch Office Osaka Office
Nagoya Office
Tachikawa Engineering Center
Gotanda Engineering Center