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Are you looking for a distributor in Japan?
If you are an embedded system product developer, we may be to help you.

A.I.Corporation (AIC) is a high tech product distributor and engineering company specializing in the embedded system software and silicon IP products. Since its founding in 1985, AIC has been committed to representing overseas software ventures to introduce their cutting edge technologies and the products to Japanese customers.

AIC would do marketing and sales of your products taking advantage of our technical support and engineering service capabilities. We are proud of the technical capabilities that make AIC a very unique distributor in the embedded system market in Japan.

AIC's solutions and products cover a board range of industries such as consumer electronics devices, automotive and telematix, digital office equipments, communication and network equipments, and industrial control and factory automation, and many other industries where embedded microprocessor based systems are running.


  • Marketing & distribution
  • Technical support and consultation
  • Engineering services

Major products categories

  • Embedded middleware & module components
  • Software productivity & quality assurance tools
  • Real-Time Operating System solutions
  • Networking & wireless communications
  • Embedded system development tools
  • Silicon IPs

Marketing functions

  • Market analysis
  • Strategy
  • Localization
  • Japanese manual
  • Japanese literature
  • Advertisements
  • Web site
  • E-mail news
  • Press
  • Exhibition
  • Direct mailing
  • Seminars
  • Education

Sales functions

  • Three sales offices
  • Strong direct sales force
  • Partnership and connections with other vendors


Hitachi, NEC, Panasonic, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Casio, Sony, DoCoMo, NTT, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Denso, Aishin, Canon, OKI, IBM, Omron, Xerox, Fujitsu, Ricoh, EPSON, Konica Minolta, Alpine, Pioneer, Yaskawa, Yamaha, Yokogawa, Shimadzu, TDK, Daikin, and other over 500 other accounts.

Technical support and Engineering services

  • The same level of technical support as the maker
  • Porting to platforms and customer hardware
  • Localization to meet Japanese requirements
  • System Integration
  • Software/hardware development


  • TOPPERS Project
  • TRON Forum
  • Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • SD Card Association
  • JasPar
  • Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association

The makers AIC represents

  • Agitar Technologies, Inc.
  • Argosim SA
  • Atollic AB
  • B-Scada, Inc.
  • Cimetrics Inc.
  • Computex Co., Ltd.
  • Cypherbridge Systems, LLC.
  • Datalight Inc.
  • Dediprog Technology, CO., Ltd.
  • EBS, Inc.
  • EBSnet, Inc.
  • Friendly Technologies FTL Ltd.
  • GrammaTech, Inc.
  • HCC-Embedded Kft.
  • Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
  • Insyde Software Corporation
  • Kalki Communication technology Ltd.
  • Lamprey Networks, Inc.
  • Matrikon International
  • McCabe Software
  • Metaswitch Networks Ltd
  • Nabto ApS
  • OpenSynergy GmbH
  • Persistent Systems Ltd.
  • QTronic GmbH
  • Tail-f Systems AB
  • Tatvik Technologies Private Limited
  • Telit Wireless Solutions GmbH
  • Verifysoft Technology GmbH


  • President
  • Marketing, Sales & FAE
  • Sales Promotion & Agreements
  • Technical & Engineering
  • Ordering & Shipping
  • Administration